Aerial Yoga is a new concept in exercise. It combines the best elements of Yoga, Fitness and Aerial Circus to give a unique full body work out. We use a specialised fabric swing system to get the heart pumping and improve strength, flexibility and postural alignment whilst sculpting and defining muscle tone. This innovative concept combines fitness with fun, acrobatics and flying.

Benefits of Aerial Yoga:

Gentle inversion techniques can improve posture and alignment giving the spine the care and attention it deserves.
The height of the swing and stirrups can be altered to each students range giving the best possible workout.
The swing allows you to perform assisted neck, head, hand and shoulder stands which decompresses the spine in a safe and effective way.
The swing increases balance and stability, core strength, muscle strength and endurance and much more.

Enhanced mood and calmness of mind as inverting offsets the Parasympathetic Nervous System – the part that tells us to take it easy.