Aerial Hoop (otherwise known as Lyra) consists of performing acrobatics in a large steel hoop suspended from the ceiling.

During your hoop class you will perform a warm up, conditioning exercises, learn poses and acrobatics and complete with a cool down/stretch.

Aerial hoop is unlike pole, in that you need to cover the skin to avoid burns.  You may also wish to wear multiple layers to avoid bruising.  We recommend leggings and long sleeved tops.

The benefits to learning Lyra are many. According to research conducted by AerialBliss while increasing your metabolic rate you could burn up to 520 calories in an hourly class. Lyra is also brilliant for building strength and improving posture. Many Lyra moves involve balance, therefore you will be engaging all those core muscles that have probably been dormant for some time!

There are many moves that involve flexibility on a Lyra and these will also be worked on. You will find with regular practice and assistance from your instructor that your flexibility will improve and these moves will become easier.