The Aerial Hoop Courses run consecutively every 4 weeks. The price for each 4 week course is listed below. Please note Pagan’s Pole does not issue any Course/Class refunds.

BEGINNERS Aerial Hoop 4 Week Course: consisting of mounts and descents, basic poses and transitions.
Course starts Weds 9th JANUARY 2019 at 6.30pm.

Beginner/Inter Hoop

INTERMEDIATE HOOP 4 WEEK COURSE: Learning new moves under the hoop and inside the hoop, linking and transitioning these tricks.  COURSE STARTS WEDS 9th JANUARY 7.30pm  


Beginner/Inter Hoop

ADVANCED AERIAL HOOP COURSE: Incorporating more difficult transitions and drops.  Working on top bar and strop. Course starts Wednesday 9th JANUARY 2019 at 8.30pm

Adv Hoop

AERIAL HOOP: POPS & DROPS WORKSHOP. 12th MAY 11am -12.30pm. £20