Pole Dance Community

Pagan’s Pole no longer offers independent certificates to demonstrate your pole dance ability.  We now work alongside the PDC in a universal grading scheme, and have adapted our grading procedures accordingly.

The Pole Dance Community (PDC) represents a group of independent pole dance schools that have agreed to abide by a code of conduct, ensuring best practise within the fitness pole dancing industry. They have each provided proof of their insurance, experience, safe practice and fair pricing.  They represent the best you could wish from a pole dance school.

In order to unify standards across our membership, a universal grading criteria was developed. Students may progress through five grading levels and have their achievement recognised by all PDC Approved Schools. If a student moves location, they will be able to continue their grading progression at any other PDC Approved School.

Students are provided with an official AAP book (their pole dancing passport) in which their grading is recorded.  On request, the PDC can also provide a certificate acknowledging the student’s success.

The cost of joining the AAP scheme is £30.  This fee covers your book and membership for the year.

The PDC website is free to browse, so if you would like to look into this in more detail please use: http://www.poledancecommunity.co.uk or chat to your pole instructor who can answer questions.