The Benefits of Pole Dancing

There are many benefits to pole dancing, primarily it will improve your posture, co-ordination and flexibility. It will define your muscles and build upper body strength. It will shape your waste line, tone your thighs, tummy and bottom. Most importantly it will build your confidence and guarantee you’ll have a whole lot of fun!

Pole dancing can also be used as a social experience, allowing you to meet new people and share in pole experiences.  Pole jams are common occurrences, where students have opportunities to meet fellow polers, practice, show-off and learn new moves. Students are also invited on a variety of outings at regular intervals to different Pole Dancing events.  The most recent of which was a trip to Telford to watch UKPPC and former Pagan’s Pole Instructor Heather Walker compete.  We are now planning another trip to Germany to watch Mr and Miss Pole Dance Globe in June, along with many other UK based events

Pole Dancing Preparation

It is essential during pole dancing lessons to have bare legs as you will need to be able to grip the pole with your skin. It is also important to remember not to use any body lotions or moisturising creams prior to a pole dancing lesson as these will also prevent your skin from sticking to the pole, and lead to a slippery session!

During a pole dancing lesson you will use muscles that you’ve probably never really used before; as a result of this many students report muscular aches and stiffness after their first lesson. However, this is only a short term discomfort, as normally after the second lesson the body has had a chance to adapt and the muscles become used to working out. If you feel you would like to prepare in advance for your pole lessons, any upper body exercises you can do in the gym or at home will help.

When you start pole dancing it is common to get a few bruises as you knock against the pole. This again is only a temporary side affect, as the more you practice and your strength and technique develop, the more resilient and resistant to bruising your skin will become.