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My name Melody Brown and I am 49 years old.  This first picture of me was takenmelody after at my daughters wedding on 7th August 2014, I was a size 16 and measured:  Bust 46, Waist 46, Hips  46.  I weighed 13 Stone 2.5lbs.  After doing 14 weeks of 1-1  pole lessons and 8 weeks of MSE I  am proud to say that I  am now a size 12, measuring: Bust 39, Waist 36, Hips 39, and now weigh  10 stone 8.3lbs. In  total I have lost over 2 stone in weight and 7 inches off my body. My goal  is to now reach a toned size 12, measuring 36, 24, 36 by 25th June…my 50th Birthday!

I would recommend Pagan’s Pole to anyone looking to lose weight, tone up and have a great  time, no matter what age you are 🙂



I first encountered Pagans Pole in January 2011 after having a looking for a new form of exercise that would be a bit more fun. I started from scratch with no previous dancing, gymnastics, or any kind of athletic experience really, and I didn’t need it! Tracy is an incredible instructor, attentive and patient, and willing to guide you through to whatever you want to achieve.
Pole dancing instantly became an integral part of my life, my weekly routine, and my main form of fitness (and boy does it make you fit!).  4 years on I am still a Pagans Pole student, and I am more in love with pole dance than I ever have been. Whether you’re looking for a new form of exercise that’ll keep you interested, a new way of expressing yourself, or even to perform and compete, pole has something to offer for everyone. Whether on-to-one or in the group classes that are full of some incredible people from all walks of life, every session is a joy to attend.  Guaranteed fun, fitness, and fabulousness!


Pole classes:  Tracy is obviously highly skilled and dedicated to ensuring her students receive the best possible quality instruction and experience during her pole classes.  Expect to be hooked from the first class, and then reap the benefits, namely fitness, flexibility and fun.

Splits class:  This class  is great value and fun thanks to Tracy’s humour, enthusiasm and encouragement. I am now able to do the stretches she taught us at home, knowing that they are correct and useful.


The beginner’s pole dancing was a great opportunity to tone up, build my self confidence and to have a good girly giggle at the same time. It also provided an additional, different and very feminine aspect to my rather inelegant weight training and running programs. Tracy was great fun, very patient and brilliant at making sure we all learnt and mastered the spins and static positions; and by the end of the course we could all complete a whole routine and even ended with an upside down move! I will definitely be carrying on pole dancing with Tracy and am eagerly awaiting the next courses


Pagan’s Pole lessons are fabulous! At first I was a bit nervous to do pole dancing as its stereotyped as something cheap. Its not! Its a good way to stay fit or lose weight whilst having sooooooo much fun!
The routines are brilliant and some of the moves make you feel very sexy! If you’re up for having a good time and learning new dance routines and skills by a talented professional, then Tracy is the woman you need to call! I can’t wait to sign up for the Intermediate courses!


I have been attending 2-1 lessons with pagans pole now and i absolutely LOVE it!

Tracy is a fab tutor and i have learnt so much in such a little space of time! On my first lesson i walked away knowing loads of spins and tricks i could show off. It’s a great way to tone up and get fit. I’m surprised how much it actually does work my muscles and gets me in a sweat!

I look forward to my next lesson every week and can’t wait to be good enough to enter competitions and shows!


I was looking for a fitness class to start and came accross Pagan’s Pole through a friend. I’d always wanted to have a go at pole dancing but didn’t really know what to expect. On my first visit my fears were put to rest! It was fab…fun…and wow! I ‘ve been really impressed with it as a way of toning the body. Give it a go…you wont be dissapointed and you’ll love the feeling of fun…achievement and amazed what your body can really do! 😉


I’ve been pole dancing with pagan’s pole  for a few months now, and as well as being a great way to tone up and get fit it’s also a massive confidence booster! I’d recommend it to anyone,  give it a go! Worked for me!!