Trapeze Workshop

Learn mounts, poses, tricks and transitions on the static trapeze, using both bar and rope. Mixed ability Class, everyone welcome

Saturday 21st March @12.30pm

AERIAL EXTRAVAGANZA 9th FEBRUARY 2020. 10am-5.30pm ish

A day of aerial goodness, including pole, hoop, straps, trapeze hammocks, and a little bit more!  This is not for the faint hearted!  10am-5.30pm.  £60 per person, spaces limited. Please ensure you bring the following:
Leggings/sports bottoms
long sleeved top
Plenty of fluids
Snacks and lunch or money to buy lunch
Trainers for warm up
Tubigrip, back warmer, leg warmers, grip aids and anything else you may wish to protect skin!