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Release your Inner Minx

Minx class was created by Pagan’s Pole & Aerial as a safe environment for those who want to unleash their sexy side.

Minx comprises of sexy pole dancing, chair dancing, floor work, burlesque and lap-dancing. These classes are all routine based and incorporate grinding, body-waving, slinking, sliding and twerking. Guaranteed to improve your confidence and self-esteem, whilst also giving you some ideas for club work and partner pleasing!

We recommend knee pads for this class due to the amount of time spent on the knees, and stripper style heels (such as Hella’s or Pleaser’s) are ideal for those heel bangs and clacks you will be taught. Heels are optional and barefoot is perfectly acceptable.

Minx 4 Week Course

Next course start date  30th July 2024 @ 8.30pm


Minx Single Class

Next class
Tuesday 30th July  @ 8.30pm



From the minute I set foot in Pagan’s Pole studio, to the present day, almost 2 years later, I have had nothing but good words to say about Pagan’s Pole! The studio is always immaculate and beautiful, the lessons are never overbooked and this is the least of the compliments I can pay them. Learning with Pagan’s Pole means joining a community, a family. Everyone is welcomed with open arms and loved for who they are, and within no time at all, the studio feels like home. You find yourself able to do things you never thought you could, with confidence instilled in you by the incredible teachers that never fail to believe in you and be enthusiastic and nurturing at every turn! I am proud to be part of this incredible community and I am so glad I found them! I would recommend them to anyone and everyone!
Cheryl, Bangor

My fav place in Bangor! Been to a variety of their classes (pole, aerial hoop, minx and aerial extravaganza) over the last few years.This place has given me so much confidence and made me feel so incredible about my own body. I couldn’t recommend Pagan’s Pole enough!
Lauren, Bangor

Pagan’s pole started off as trying something new and turned into my little haven 😊 All teachers and students are friendly and supportive while pushing you to your comfortable edge. I would definitely recommend giving any of the classes a try even with no experience!
Amber, Bangor

When I started pole lessons, never in a million years did I think I would be able to move and support my body the way I can now. The patience, encouragement and motivation I have received from Tracy and Elena has been first class. Thank you Tracy, for believing in me, efor pushing me and celebrating with me when I achieve a trick or a spin!!! I would recommend anyone who wants to try something a bit different to give Pole or other aerial classes a go. Pagan pole has given me confidence I never new I had!!!
Joyce, Bangor