All Classes are taught at our studio in Bangor.
Pagan’s Pole, Circus & Dance Academy.

2020 Pole Based Classes: Maximum 2 people per pole

Extreme: 8 Private Lessons (to be used within the month) + unlimited access to ALL courses and classes. Please book spaces in advance. 10% off Aerial Extravaganza.
: Unlimited Access to ALL classes and courses. Please book course places in advance. 10% off Private lessons and Aerial Extravaganza included.
Silver Plus: One course of choice, plus tricks (one apparatus) or minx, stretch x 2 and drop in. 
Silver: One Course of choice, plus stretch x 2 and drop in.
Bronze: Free access to Stretch x 2 and drop-in.

Type of Membership

POLE AEROBICS, suitable for all levels, cardio class, TUESDAY 25th FEB @ 8.30pm, £8 PP

LEVEL 1 & 2 POLE (BEGINNERS) Learn the basics of pole dance, hand rips, poses, transitions and spins.
Next Course Starts THURSDAY 5th MARCH 2020 @ 6.30pm

Price Options

LEVEL 3 POLE: 4 WEEK COURSE (Intermediate): Consists of basic inverts, more advanced spins and dance work. Experience both Spinning and Static Pole. Thursday 5th MARCH 2020   at 7.30pm

Course Options

LEVEL 4 POLE: 5 WEEK COURSE (Level 3/4 PDC Syllabus): Consists of more technically difficult inverts, tricks and power work. Experience both Spinning and Static Pole.  Monday 16th MARCH  2020 at 6.30pm


LEVEL 5 & 6 POLE: 5 WEEK COURSE (Advanced): DeadLifts, Plaunches and Acrobatics will be included. Experience both Spinning and Static Pole. Monday 16th MARCH 2020 at 6.30pm

Course Options

PRIVATE 1-1/2-1 LESSONS: booked at your convenience depending upon availability.  24 hours cancellation notice required or you will be charged for the hour.

1-1 & 2-1 Lessons


The class focuses purely on tricks; where you will have the opportunity to learn, master and practice new and old pole tricks.

INNER MINX 4 Week Course.
Inner minx is a course designed and run by Pagan’s Pole. As the title suggests, this really is the class to unleash your inner minx, that inner goddess raging to put on her heels and strut her stuff! Inner Minx comprises sexy pole dancing, chair dancing, floor work and lap-dancing. These classes are all about grinding, body-waving and twerking. Guaranteed to exercise problem areas and improve your confidence and self-esteem, whilst also giving you some ideas for club work and partner pleasing!

Inner Minx

Suitable for all levels of flexibility. Predominately focusing on the areas specifically required to make the perfect aerialist: shoulders, back and legs. This class is not a yoga class and will involve some intense stretching and strengthening exercises, using dynamic, passive, PNF and active stretches. It is ideal for those wanting to improve their posture and increase bloodflow and circulation.

Class Options