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Tracy Achieves IPSF Judging Qualification

Tracy signed up for the International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF) Judging Course in order to become a better Instructor and Competition Judge.  Tracy has always been a firm believer that ALL pole dancing competitions should be judged in a fair, ethical, non-biased way; and was keen to see how the IPSF felt they could achieve this.  The training weekend was held in Aimee Lawson’s School in Newcastle, Northern Pole Dance, way up North!

The course was extremely intense, infact the application form to attend the course was intense! There was  a huge amount of information to absorb, with both practical and written aspects to learn, remember and then sit exams.

However despite the amount of work involved, the course was extremely enjoyable and informative.  It was great to be able to sit and exchange views and information with fellow pole enthusiasts, all keen to learn.

After sitting both exams and travelling the long journey home, it was a long 3 weeks before the results were released.  However it was to some relief that Tracy was informed she had passed the course, obtaining 76% on the written exam and 78% on the practical exam; giving an average of 77%.  Tracy has stated that she is ecstatic to receive these results and looks forward to putting her new skills as a certified judge to practice!

For more information on IPSF Judging Certification please see:

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