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Wren hosts Break-Dancing Masterclass

We were extremely fortunate to have the talented Wren Ball visit the studio this month.  Wren is a well recognised Dance Artist and has performed at many events and functions across the UK.

Wren taught a 2 hour workshop that covered the Foundation of Bboying, Funk, Flow, History, Toprock, Footwork and Freezes.

If you are interested in attending a workshop of this nature please get in touch as we would LOVE to host Wren again.



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Tracy & Nikki complete stretch training course

LoveSpin recently hosted the Fabulous Deb Riley at their Mold studio, and Tracy and Nikki decided they attend and be
S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-D by Deb!

The course consisted of learning basic biology, how to stretch safely, how to strengthen those stretched muscles, massaging and of course being stretched!

We had a fabulous day, and were well and truly stretched pout by the end of it; having learned a lot about our own bodies and how to stretch to our maximum.

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Open Evening Extravaganza Thursday 5th July 2012

Pagan’s Pole would like to invite you ALL to an open evening filled with fantastic dance and fitness classes.

This evening will be held on Thursday 5th July at 6pm and is FREE OF CHARGE!

You will have an opportunity to sample as many dance and fitness classes as you wish throughout the evening, along with being able to meet all our instructors and also fellow students and participants.

If you have ever considered dance or fitness this is the ideal time for you to come and try them, find out the classes that are for you.  Please feel free to bring as many family/friends as you wish!